It's not always simple to produce the ideal outcome when branding a product. This was unquestionably the case when we were given the chance to brand a bottle that appeared to be typical. PVC would not work because of the high contour, but to our astonishment, even PETG films' 78% shrink-ability was insufficient.

We had no choice but to use Hybrid Film, the Rolls Royce of shrink sleeves (multilayer PET and OPS hybrid). When the film was shrunk in an electrical tunnel, there were no creases since it stuck to the bottle so securely.

The next issue, though, was that the sleeve's free rotation on the container after shrinking. This occurred because the HDPE bottle expanded and the plastic coating covering it shrank as it was being heated in the heat tunnel. After cooling, the bottle somewhat shrinks and the bottle's sleeve rotates easily.

To get around this problem in the past, we applied a glue covering with two hot-melt bands. However, because the sleeve was entirely white, using typical adhesive in this situation resulted in a yellowish tint. So, we created a water-based glue that shrank without changing colour.

The seemingly straightforward item on the shelves of your convenience stores only looks appealing with these minimal efforts. We stand out in the branding and packaging industry because of our meticulous attention to detail and will to succeed.